The production of items like grids, baskets, special wire products, is specifically designed for each type of application. The first phase involves design and construction of a sample as per customer instructions, based on a pre-existent sample or a drawing.
The production begins with the cutting of material required by the use of straightening machines which straighten the wire wrapped in coils and cut it into required lengths. We normally use stainless steel or iron wires with diameters ranging from 1.2 to 8 mm. All materials that we use are certified. The finished product is achieved by soldering the wires into the appropriate equipment or jigs. Depending on the need they can be electrically spot welded, projection welded,  manually or semiautomatic butt welded , wire welded,  manual or semi-automatic orbital Tig welded. The process continues with subsequent operations by bending or molding of the semi-finished product with mechanical or hydraulic press brakes. The product is then refined by eliminating waste using trimming machines, and if needed it is brushed to remove any sharp burrs.
All the operations performed are constantly monitored to ensure the highest quality of manufacture. The product is then subjected to a final check, eventually tested, and if required, subject to a treated surface finishing. One last final check ensures the suitability of the treatment performed. Finally the finished product is packed and shipped from the warehouse.